The Petersen Platform of Specialty Markets

After nearly 40 years, Petersen International Underwriters continues to be the foremost one-stop shop for unique and dynamic insurance solutions for persons inadequately served by domestic insurance companies alone.

The global insurance landscape is evolving.  Markets are hardening domestically and overseas.  Carriers are tightening up on offerings and broadening restrictions.  The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on insurance and reinsurance marketplaces the world over, and aggressive government public health and safety protocols have made the process of acquiring life and health insurances more difficult for many Americans.  Coverage postponements and declinations due to age and medical history have become more typical in the Coronavirus era.

As all product lines and industry sectors will inevitably continue to harden throughout 2021, you the insurance advisor will more regularly feel the need to expand outside your comfort zone to find new and alternative solutions for prospective as well as repeat clientele.

You are invited to explore the Petersen Platform of specialty markets which will allow you to find homes for many of your hard-to-place high-limit, excess, supplemental and impaired-risk insurance cases, including life, disability, medical, athlete, pilot and entertainment markets.

We can when your other carriers can’t or won’t.