The Producer Zone

The rapid evolution of technology in the 21st century has changed the business world forever.  Slowly fleeting are the glory days of the salesperson and the insurance broker.  Those making deals face-to-face with witty dialogue and a handshake must now turn their attentions toward social media platforms, conference calls and online meetings.  The life and health insurance industry of today is now focused on automation in almost every aspect, including sales, underwriting and policy delivery.  Computerization is not limited to a carrier’s home office either.

Agents and brokers as well have a multitude of technological advancements at hand (literally).  While many cellular phone apps, like simple benefits calculators, may seem like flashy gimmicks, there are many useful software platforms available to insurance producers that assist in making sales smoother and client relations and retention better.  One such program is the Producer Zone which was created by Petersen International and is provided to insurance agents free of charge.

The Producer Zone is a finely-honed proprietary electronic platform designed primarily for the benefit of U.S.-based life/health/disability insurance producers.  The easy-to-follow program allows an agent secure review of case statuses, details of outstanding requirements as well as access to commission and production reports.

Moreover, the Producer Zone, with real-time updates, provides 24-hour access to online application links (including new links for the Business Loan Failure to Survive plan and the Accident Only Major Medical plan), new business submissions, agent/broker licensing materials, customized marketing options, billing reports, policy “paid to” dates and in-depth details of in-force, lapsed and cancelled insurance policies.

The program is an incredibly thorough tool that puts the power of Petersen’s back office in the palm of your hand – without charge!  Call Petersen International at (800)345-8816 for a producer agreement and to learn how you can gain access to the Producer Zone.