The Proof Is in the Numbers

UnAffordable Care PinAs most of you are well aware, especially you health agents, we are nearing the end of the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period. In its current form, the Affordable Care Act has failed millions of Americans. Protocol and logistics nightmares and coverage shortfalls are becoming more and more evident as increasing numbers of U.S. residents are falling through the ObamaCare gaps and being forced to seek medical insurance elsewhere.

Privatized short-term health plans are more popular than ever before because of the need for alternative plans for clients who temporarily can’t acquire ACA coverage. Instead of living dangerously uninsured, many U.S. residents are opting for Petersen International’s Short Term Medical Plan.

The Petersen plan was launched with an extensive PPO network last year to much fanfare, and the sales figures have continued to exponentially climb plainly illustrating the great need for this type of coverage in the U.S. market during this turbulent time.

As we begin a new year, thousands of clients are purchasing the Petersen plan, locking-in short-term coverage for the rest of 2017. The need for this type of product is evident as is the fervor we are witnessing during this current ACA enrollment window. The enrollment numbers are indicating over 100% growth in this short-term medical market over the last couple of months.

The Petersen International Short Term Medical Plan provides guaranteed-issue coverage at affordable rates with simple online enrollment and a widespread national network of healthcare providers and facilities.

Call us at (800)345-8816 to get a brochure of coverage specifications and rates. We can also quickly create for you a personalized and agency-branded online application link that you can provide your clientele.

Get your clients’ medical insurance needs locked-in for the rest of 2017 while you still can. Call us today.