Top Hat Coverage

For clients whose disability needs cannot be satisfied by Disability Insurance limits through traditional carriers. Simply submit the application and the Declaration page of a fully underwritten, standard issue, personal non-cancelable guaranteed renewable disability plan, issued within the last 90 days and we will issue a supplemental plan of disability insurance up to $10,000 per month but not exceeding in total 65% of income.

-A high profit plan. Little added cost. Little added overhead. Full commission!-

Use this new automatic issue plan to fully dress your clients to face the cold winds of financial adversity. The TOP HAT plan is the final piece of coverage needed to complete a disability financial plan that is adequate to meet the client’s needs.

  • Available to fully underwritten personal disability cases issued on a standard basis in the last 90 days

Promotional Suggestion:

  • Advise all clients that automatic issue supplemental coverage is available.
  • Advise prospects with more than conventional needs that supplemental coverage may be available.