Travel Insurance Made Easy

Most Americans will agree that having health insurance is imperative to cover medical bills in case we get sick or are injured and have to go to the hospital or a doctor’s office.  The federal government now monetarily penalizes taxpayers for not having proper coverage, as healthcare has become a requisite purchase in the United States.

Seeing as coverage follows us as we travel in the states and spend time across state boundaries, shouldn’t we expect the same when we travel to Europe, Canada or Mexico?  Shouldn’t we feel secure knowing that our healthcare follows us anywhere in the world?  We spend our hard-earned money on insurance premiums, but the reality is that significant benefits and protections end at our nation’s borders.  Most U.S. medical plans lack in overseas coverage, and most Americans are unaware of the common shortfalls.

The solution to this predicament is travel medical insurance.  International healthcare companies offer a wide variety of confusing coverage platforms and a dizzying number of benefit options and fine print.  Petersen International is different.

We offer two robust plans; one for outbound U.S. residents and the other for inbound foreign nationals.  Both products are built on simplistic, but benefit-heavy chassis.  The USAway International Major Medical Plan provides coverage for medical services and benefits for U.S. residents traveling anywhere in the world – and we mean anywhere.  War and terrorism coverage is available as an affordable option for those visiting notoriously hazardous locales around the world.  We also offer a rider for sports and activities coverage which provides benefits for those taking part in exercises that are dangerous including extreme sports and racing.

The other offering is the International Major Medical Plan which was designed to insure those traveling to the United States.  The product is the perfect fit for non-U.S. residents when they travel to the states for business, vacation or while visiting family.  Similar to the USAway Plan, benefits are available for hazardous sports exposure in the U.S. as well.

Both plans provide important ancillary benefits like medical evacuation and repatriation, trip cancellation and accidental death coverage.  These benefits and more are included at very reasonable premiums, allowing your clients to travel completely protected.

To learn more about travel medical insurance and for a complete outline of benefits, call Petersen International at (800)345-8816.