Travel Medical Insurance

Although the stark realities and dangers of the new “normal” brought about by the onslaught of the Coronavirus are ever present, much of the world has reopened to foreign travel and tourism.  And with the summer months upon us, this marks a typically busy time for the international travel industry.  Family vacations, study-abroad programs, high school/college senior trips, honeymoons and humanitarian missions are but a few of the reasons Americans are traveling overseas.  Unbeknownst to many, their trusted U.S. medical policies and governmental healthcare programs won’t sufficiently cover them during their foreign travels.  Once they cross that border, many of the benefits they think they can count on cease to exist or are at the very least greatly diminished.

It is imperative that you inform and educate your friends, family and clients about the inevitable gaps in their healthcare when they venture outside the country.  No matter their age, gender, socioeconomic status or citizenship, every U.S. resident traveling outside the United States needs a supplemental international major medical insurance policy.

Petersen International offers a very comprehensive international medical product that has been the go-to on the market for decades.  The USAway International Major Medical Plan is one of the finest sources of medical protection one can have while traveling, living or working outside the U.S.  Its robust benefit structure easily fills the gaps found in traditional health plans, and further boasts important benefits such as emergency evacuation, repatriation and trip interruption that come standard with every policy.

The USAway Plan has remained quite affordable and flexible, accommodating short and long-term international travel itineraries.  Policies can be purchased through personalized agency web portals that we create specifically for each producer or agency, allowing your clientele to purchase the coverage easily online under the guise of your company’s branding.  Your clients will receive their policies and ID cards electronically, moments after purchasing the appropriate plan.

Whether the client is a U.S. resident taking a Caribbean cruise, visiting relatives in Mexico or attending a business conference in Singapore, travel insurance is a necessary component to the ensuring of medical and financial protection when someone you know and care about travels outside the country.

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