Travel Medical Insurance is not a Luxury

Throughout 2013, don’t hesitate to remind your clients to purchase travel medical insurance for any excursions outside the United States. You may be shocked to know that traditional American medical insurance policies provide little coverage outside the U.S. The HMO or PPO plan you have dutifully provided your clients may allow for sufficient coverage through most of the year, but if your clients travel past our borders, benefits are commonly limited to emergency coverage only. Other plans limit benefits to only $50,000. And if your client is a senior citizen, the purchase of an additional Medicare supplement is required to provide limited-benefit medical insurance outside the U.S.

We would like to suggest a simple solution. Petersen International Underwriters offers the USAway International Major Medical Plan for U.S. residents traveling or residing outside the U.S. The product is GUARANTEED ISSUE for anyone under the age of 85 and provides up to $5,000,000 of benefits including non-emergency medical expenses, emergency medical expenses, prescription medications, medical evacuation services and many other travel insurance benefits.

Give Petersen International a call next time your clients take a cruise to the Caribbean or send their kids to study in Europe.