Trouble in Paradise

Huts on Bora BoraI recently returned from an incredible trip to the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The tiny speck of land is located 2,500 miles south of the Hawaiian island chain and its superb isolation is much celebrated. The crystal water and fine white sand beaches are the most beautiful I have ever seen as my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ten spectacular days in that tropical paradise.

As expected in any equatorial locale, warm and momentary rain showers were a common event, making for slippery surfaces throughout our hotel’s many docks, stairs, walkways and bridges. Caught up in my leisurely surroundings, I opted to wear my well-worn sandals while exploring the hotel’s extensive property.

On one such outing, my shoes, lacking sufficient tread, failed and I was sent flying down a steep flight of stairs. My wife was horrified as I awkwardly flailed about. I was in a daze and could feel that the left side of my body had taken the brunt of the fall. My injuries weren’t life threatening, but I was badly bruised and battered. Fortunately I didn’t require evacuation, but it was nice to know that our hotel did have a heliport at hand just in case of a more pressing emergency.

The accident had little effect on our enjoyment of the rest of the trip, but it really made me think about how disastrous a more serious accident or illness could be when traveling outside the United States especially in a location hundreds of miles from any hospital or qualified medical personnel.

I felt very comforted that I had purchased travel medical insurance to cover us during our travels to the South Pacific. Had either of us needed treatment while overseas, the very inexpensive international health plan would have covered us even if we had needed that extremely expensive emergency evacuation off the island and repatriation back to American soil.

The USAway International Major Medical Plan is a very comprehensive travel medical product that was designed by Petersen International over 25 years ago and has continually evolved with the times. In addition to large evacuation and repatriation limits, benefits are available for extreme sports, hazardous activities, as well as claims stemming from acts of war or terrorism. Coverage can be had for travel to almost any locale no matter how exotic or dangerous.

The USAway Plan is ideal for all of your clients whenever they travel outside the United States no matter the length of their trip, and perfectly addresses the insurance needs of those traveling for leisure, business purposes or religious pursuits.