Turn One Prospect into Multiple Prospects


Let us help you generate more sales with the use of Petersen International Underwriters’ Guaranteed Issue Disability plan. By presenting our High-Limit Disability Insurance to a group of five or more high-income earners, you can demonstrate how the tiered approach to protecting one’s income is the best way to go. A income earner may have traditional Group LTD, and may even have traditional individual DI, but many are still underinsured. By placing a group or multi-life plan, those in need can obtain proper coverage while avoiding troublesome underwriting requirements.


When you get a lead on an individual, it can pay to do some research on his/her place of employment to see if there is the possibility of placing a supplemental, multi-life disability plan with your prospect’s firm. The internet is, of course, a handy tool for accomplishing this task.


Take the case of…


A producer who had a lead on an orthopedic surgeon seeking individual, supplemental disability insurance. After a brief web search, the producer discovered that the surgeon is a partner at a firm with five other surgeons. By approaching the lead with the suggestion of a PIU Guaranteed Issue Disability plan, the producer was able to present the plan to the five other partners of the firm.


There are many advantages to placing a PIU Guaranteed Issue Disability Plan for both the insureds and the producer-


The insureds receive premium discounts with no medical underwriting for their supplemental disability coverage, which features a true “own occupation” definition and is completely portable.


The producer acquires additional clients, additional commissions and does not have to go through the hassles of traditional underwriting.


Click here to watch our Guaranteed Issue Disability Plan video, or contact our office to learn more about this and our other High-Limit Disability plans. Start turning one piece of business into many!