Underwriting Impaired Risks

The name Petersen has been associated with the disability insurance industry for more than 60 years. For decades, you may have seen our ads in the trade journals, or you may be a regular reader of this publication. You may have placed business with us over the years, or you may have yet to reach out. But if you are at all familiar with Petersen International Underwriters, you are aware that we specialize in niche DI, life and health insurance products. However, we take pride that our true forte is the hard-to-place personal and business disability market, as we are quite adept in underwriting flexibility. Our risk analysis methodologies are second to none when it comes to getting your sub-standard clients properly insured.

Longevity and physical quality of life have been steadily increasing around the world in the last half-century as people have become more health and body conscious, especially among developed nations. Recent trends show that fewer people are using tobacco products in the U.S. and more are exercising on a regular basis. Medical sciences are ever evolving and improving. Prescription medications are extremely prolific and able to address health concerns like never before. Despite all of the positive, American diets and fast-paced lifestyles continue to create serious health concerns in this country.

Saturated fats, sugar and sodium-laden cuisine have helped to make obesity an American epidemic which in turn has given rise to record levels of persons living with diabetes and heart disease.

We recognize that we are all fallible, as we are all human. Your clients have health issues, like anyone else, which may ultimately pose underwriting roadblocks when they decide to take that thoughtful step and apply for disability insurance. Traditional DI carriers tend to be ultra conservative along all facets of their underwriting processes. Our disability products and underwriting methods are more flexible than most companies, allowing long-term income protection offerings to those who would normally be declined by the standard market due to adverse health conditions, risky avocations, foreign residences or hazardous occupations.

Sub-standard health disability cases are a large part of our regular, day-to-day business, and our underwriting standards are the most liberal in the industry. We can offer “own occupation” disability coverage to your clients with cardiovascular issues, cancer history, even to those with chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis and HIV. Our policies offer a variety of benefit options including long-term monthly benefits, lump sum benefits as well as accelerated disability benefits.

Another attribute is that our underwriters don’t subscribe to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), allowing your clients the freedom and peace of mind knowing that their applications and medical files won’t be shared by Petersen International with other insurance companies and won’t affect any future insurance applications to other carriers.

When your disability insurance clients are declined or postponed by the standard DI market, Petersen International should be your next stop to get them the best in income protection. That is our specialty. Please contact our disability department at (800)345-8816 to learn more about how we can help you properly serve sub-standard risk clientele.