War in Ukraine!

For many weeks now, the Vladimir Putin-led Russian army has invaded and held at arms the sovereign nation of Ukraine.  By force under attack of bombs, missiles, ground troops and tank battalions, Russia has taken physical control of much of the eastern regions of the country.  Daily atrocities and loss of innocent life have been reported by the Ukrainian government while contradictory reporting has been provided by the Russians.  We have all seen the pictures of great devastation of the country as well as photos of bodies littering the streets of destroyed cities in the aftermath.

Regardless of the politics involved or the terminology that both sides are claiming of the military actions, it is quite apparent that the country of Ukraine is at war.  The military, organized militias and brave citizens of that country are still putting up a strong fight against one of the world’s great military powers.

In response to the Russian invasion and the obviously calculated lack of major interference by NATO including the U.S. and European forces, many Americans are traveling to Eastern Europe including Ukraine and surrounding countries to assist the millions in need.  Foreign aid workers, security contractors, journalists, healthcare workers as well as those assisting in the diaspora of refugees continue to travel to Ukraine through the Polish border.

Many American companies and individuals have reached out to Petersen International seeking various insurances to help indemnify the glaring risks and potential losses associated with traveling to and working in a war zone.

Petersen International is currently offering and writing accidental death insurance, disability insurance, travel medical insurance as well as kidnap and ransom benefits to those seeking coverage in Ukraine and surrounding locales.  All mentioned products dutifully contain war and terrorism benefits.

To hear more about the Petersen war zone product portfolio as well as how we can financially protect your clients who may be putting themselves in harm’s way, give us a call at (800) 345-8816.