War Zone Protection

Warfare, terrorism and political change throughout the Middle East and Africa over the past twelve years have created atmospheres of continuous fear, neglect and unrest in those regions. A yo-yo effect of escalation and de-escalation has crippled infrastructures and economies. Lengthy operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have also proven to be costly to the United States in terms of expense and loss of life.

In hopes of reconstruction and socioeconomic progression in war-torn areas of the world, the U.S. government has employed thousands of American technology, construction and security firms to provide contracted services. These civilian contractors are in need of life, disability, health and contingency insurances. Petersen International has developed just the programs and products to satisfy their assurance needs, providing first-dollar insurance as well as supplementing international and domestic worker’s compensation plans.

An obvious need is for life insurance, and underwriters are able to provide some unique options. With built-in coverage for acts of war and terrorism, Petersen International provides group and individual Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance with the highest benefit limits available in the market. An additional rider of Accidental Permanent Total Disability insurance matches the death benefit in case of a non-illness disability. As a supplement, underwriters also offer a separate “Natural Causes Only” International Term Life policy.

Similar to the insurance markets of the U.S. and Europe, valuable disability income protection is often overlooked in war zones and contractors are frequently underinsured. Petersen International has the ability to provide standalone, comprehensive long term Disability insurance to all war zone contractor occupations including those of a hazardous nature. And multi-life discounts are readily available to employers.

Underwriters additionally offer group and individual medical expense insurance including coverage for acts of war and terrorism. The USAway International Major Medical Plan provides health insurance for U.S. residents and those working for U.S. companies in war zones. The USAway Plan includes important features such as Emergency Medical Evacuation out of the war zone as well as Repatriation of Remains back to the United States.

Risk analysts are also finding a concerning rise in war zone kidnappings of civilian contractors and journalists. In response, Petersen International is able to offer Kidnap & Ransom insurance which in addition to reimbursing paid ransom, provides the experience and advisement of a seasoned crisis response team during kidnap negotiations.

Where the military defends America’s international financial and political interests, civilian contractors follow, building the infrastructure necessary for democratic society. All of the above programs have been designed to protect the financial security and personal wellbeing of those civilian contractors, their U.S. employers and their families.