We Can When Others Can’t or Won’t

“We can when others can’t or won’t” is a slogan Petersen International has been using for years. It’s more than a tagline, it’s the truth. Most insurance professionals recognize us as specialists in high-limit or excess disability insurance, which we proudly concede. We write comprehensive disability policies for the Hollywood elite, Wall Street movers and shakers, high-powered attorneys and superstar surgeons. But we also want you to think of PIU as your one-stop shop for any out of the ordinary life/health risk you may come across in your business. We are also very savvy with hard-to-place disability, life and medical insurance cases, providing fiduciary solutions seldom found or even available in the United States.

Here are a couple of the new, unique and exciting programs offered by Petersen International with which you may not yet be familiar:

Graded Benefit Disability Insurance
Petersen International’s Graded Benefit DI Plan is an exclusive program designed to better serve the substandard-risk disability insurance marketplace for clients with less-than-perfect health histories. It provides comprehensive own-occupation disability insurance to those whose health concerns traditionally preclude them from acquiring any disability insurance or at the very least DI without medical exclusions.
Prospects traditionally declined or limited by disability insurance carriers can now be covered without harsh medical exclusions at slightly graded benefit levels predetermined by the client at the time of application. This new product allows for underwriting flexibility never before achieved in the disability market.

Stock Option Disability Insurance
The Stock Option DI Plan is a long term, own-occupation product designed to financially indemnify those who regularly receive compensation in the form of stock options in case of career-ending disablement. After suffering a permanent total disability, an insured person receives a lump sum benefit equating to five times the monetary annual average of the last three years of stock options. This plan is truly unique in that benefits are available in excess of a client’s personal DI, group LTD, key person or BOE disability benefits.

This plan is a perfect fit for executives of publicly traded companies, and can be written on an individual or multi-life, discounted basis.

For more information on these or any of our other insurance solutions, give Petersen International a call at (800)345-8816.