When Tragedy Strikes

When Tragedy Strikes

High Limit Accident Insurance

Air France Flight 447 carried passengers from throughout Europe as well as Africa, South America, Asia, the U.S., and Canada. Crossing
many ethnic cultures, a span of ages (11-70), and many occupations, this unfortunate plane mysteriously disappeared in storm laden skies
off the coast of Brazil on its way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

Business Losses and Personal Losses

Nine sales persons and one executive were lost, along with their wives. Michelin Tire lost three executives. Three young Irish doctors,
a Scottish seaman, a Brazilian orthodontist, 2 students, and 2 U.S. geologists were also among the casualties.

Considering the high cost of travel, the miniscule premiums charged for excellent Travel Accident Insurance is an item that should be built into
every personal or business travel budget.

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Such tragic events as Flight 447 focus the attention of people of the world, many of whom travel frequently, on the logic of Travel Insurance.