Why Do You Sell Insurance?

Selling InsuranceDo you ever take a step back and contemplate why you sell insurance? What got you started in the business? What keeps you in this line of work?

I know I don’t speak for all of you, but like some I got my start in this business as my first job out of college. Several generations of my family are in the insurance business, but I initially didn’t have aspirations of making a career out of this choice. I thought I wanted to be a stock broker or banking analyst, but when I needed a job, I was offered and accepted a position. At the time, my family had seen great success and I knew the world of insurance would be a fine place to learn and form a solid foundation for what might lay ahead of me in other sectors of the business world. Fortunately, I was immediately fascinated and the job turned into a career.

To the non-initiated, the world of insurance sure doesn’t sound sexy or at all exciting. But after 15 years in this business, I feel at home and I see the big picture of finding personal fulfillment in helping clients solve their financial protection issues all the while making a great living. There are endless possibilities in the life and health market, and Petersen International can provide you with worthwhile opportunities you will find nowhere else. This side of insurance certainly is exciting and fruitful. Every day provides a new chance to create financial protection for millions of employed Americans and their families.

At the risk of sounding phony, there really is a great sense of accomplishment in what each and every one of us does every day. We help protect the incomes of our clients. The services we provide financially indemnify their paychecks so their ways of life may continue on-course even in the case of a long-term disability. Just because mommy or daddy gets sick or injured, doesn’t mean a child should be concerned about not having a home or enough food to eat.

The life/health market is constantly evolving. Petersen International is developing new products and continuously improving our catalogue of coverage. We strive to maintain our reputation and stay at the forefront of the disability insurance industry. Progressive programs like our excess guaranteed-issue (GSI) disability platform and our new Starcover insurance are setting the stage for upcoming generations.

Millions of hard working Americans need disability insurance – they need life and health insurances too. What you do makes a difference in this crazy world. You provide economic safeguards and fiduciary protection in uncertain times. The insurance policies you sell your clients protect the futures of their families in case tragedy strikes.

It may slip your mind every now and then, you may get temporarily caught-up in commission levels and dollars and cents, but you sell insurance because it provides necessary peace of mind to your clients who trust in your expertise, experience and diligence. They know they can count on you, and that is why you do what you do. Keep it going and remember how important disability insurance really is.

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