Why Everyone Needs Accident Insurance

Why Everyone Needs Accident Insurance

A common misconception about Accidental Death coverage is that its primary use is for those traveling on commercial airliners, providing benefits in the event of a crash. Thus, the product is typically marketed by service providers related to the travel industry. The reality is that an AD&D policy can be very comprehensive, designed to provide coverage for most instances of death apart from natural causes.

It seems frequent that we hear of horrific, yet commonplace episodes in the news. Traffic collisions, acts of terrorism, homicides, natural disasters and other accidental incidents can unfortunately take the lives of anyone anytime and leave a family or a business in a state of economic dismay.

It is uncomfortable to use the recent bombings in Boston and tornadoes in Oklahoma as examples, but those events clearly demonstrate that tragedy may strike anywhere and that monetary benefits can help those afflicted.

Petersen International Underwriters has become the preeminent provider of standalone Accidental Death insurance. In addition to a death benefit, a client may add dismemberment insurance as well as accidental disability coverage. These optional features provide reassurance in case of unforeseen misfortunes. We also have the ability to offer this product on a short term basis to U.S. residents traveling or working overseas anywhere in the world. Accidental Death insurance is constantly proven to be a beneficial alternative for those who are uninsurable in the traditional life insurance market.

Accidents happen, and the low cost of Accidental Death insurance should be considered a risk management tool for all businesses and individuals seeking additional financial and estate planning safeguards. High Limit Accident coverage through Petersen International Underwriters provides high benefit limits combined with streamlined underwriting, fast policy approval and simple online enrollment. There is no good reason to go uninsured or underinsured against the perils of a sudden and unexpected loss in a family or significant disruption to a business.