Caribbean Nightmares

In recent weeks, concerning news has been coming out of the Dominican Republic.  The beautiful Caribbean country with numerous beachfront resorts has become a popular American tourist destination.  But since the beginning of 2019, 11 Americans have died and a number have become critically ill while vacationing at some of the island country’s luxury hotels.  The majority of the deaths and sicknesses seem to be natural in origin, but the circumstances remain questionable.  Most of the deaths have been deemed by Dominican authorities as heart attacks and respiratory failure, but is there a more devious, underlying cause to these tragedies?

I have family and friends that have traveled there on holiday in recent years without any complaints while boasting of Caribbean beauty and charm at prices significantly lower than most other luxury island destinations in that part of the world. 

But rumors abound that might be the problem.  To keep costs low, these resorts might be cutting corners.  Several of the reported deaths happened right after enjoying free booze from the hotel room mini-bars.  Several American sources are pointing the finger for these untimely deaths at cheap alcohol.  Could bootleg beverages be the ultimate culprit?  The Dominican government says “no” – that the deaths are just unfortunate coincidences.  Yet, similar circumstances lead to the sickness and deaths of a number of foreign tourists several years ago in seaside resorts along the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  U.S. authorities are investigating these numerous, nightmarish deaths in the Dominican Republic.

Situations like this and other exotic epidemics certainly cause great alarm to those contemplating foreign travel.  But rest assured there are financial safeguards that can lend solace and reassurance to those traveling outside the borders of the United States.

Petersen International’s USAway International Major Medical Plan offers travelers inexpensive, but thorough and significant healthcare while outside the usual jurisdiction of their U.S. health plans.  The flexible policies allow for benefit and deductible choices as well as supplemental riders for hazardous sports and activities like SCUBA diving and bungee jumping.

The Petersen policy also includes important benefits like accidental death coverage (in case of alcohol poisoning), emergency medical evacuation back to the U.S. if necessary as well as repatriation of one’s remains.

Thousands of Americans the world over become sick, injured, even pass away every year while traveling or living abroad.  Don’t let your clients fall victim to not being insured while in a foreign country.  Prescribe the USAway International Major Medical Plan.

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