Another Call to Action

Several months ago, Petersen International issued a plea…a serious, urgent call to action for insurance agents and advisors with doctor clients to contact us immediately for assistance in making the most of the incredibly hot multi-life, guaranteed-issue excess disability (GSI) marketplace.

The results from that communication have been remarkable.  Many of your colleagues have seen the light, and now it’s your turn.  We want to begin this year with a bang and continue the incredible sales momentum we had all throughout 2015.

There is no denying the fact that the excess disability GSI market is where the money’s at.  High five and six-figure commissions have been commonplace among the multitude of multi-life policies issued by Petersen International over the last 24 months.  But unlike traditional group DI carriers, the Petersen plans maintain high commission levels throughout the term of insurance and even through policy renewals.

Please make note that the GSI market is not limited to protection for doctors or surgeon practices.  As you can imagine, the attorney market is another major player, but we are also seeing lots of movement among accounting and finance firms.

If you have any individual or group clients, of any industry, earning an income over $300,000 annually, contact our office.  The time is now, and these enormous commissions are there for the taking.  You don’t need to be a group insurance expert either.  We will make the process easy and walk you through the metamorphosis of your client’s individual excess DI policy into a multi-million dollar group case.  What are you waiting for?  Call our GSI Team at (800) 345-8816.

Passion Is Key to Success

As you spend time with friends and family this holiday season, take notice of how content you are.  Do you smile often?  Do you frequently break out laughing?  Is there excitement in the air when you are with loved ones?  Is there a sense of comfort abound?  If so, you most likely have passion in your personal life.  Passion makes life worth living.

But do you feel that same level of excitement when it comes to your business life?  Do you feel radiance as you drive to the office every morning?  Do you look forward to that first phone call of the day?  Some of you may, but all of you should.  It can be truly rewarding (monetarily and more) to have passion in your business life. Read More


Discover a New Benefit for Physicians and Dentists

Business overhead expense (BOE) disability insurance is a cornerstone of a well-managed corporate financial plan.  The coverage financially indemnifies the regular monthly overhead of a company in case of the partial or total disablement of the business owner.  BOE coverage allows a business to stay afloat while the owner is on the mend with the goal of getting him/her back to work.

Most plans provide 12 to 24 months of benefit after a short elimination period which can be the saving grace of business owners whose firms employ fewer than 50 employees.  BOE plans are important insurances for small to medium business owners along most industry lines.  However, there is a concentration of this type of coverage among medical and dental practices in the United States. Read More