Passion Is Key to Success

As you spend time with friends and family this holiday season, take notice of how content you are.  Do you smile often?  Do you frequently break out laughing?  Is there excitement in the air when you are with loved ones?  Is there a sense of comfort abound?  If so, you most likely have passion in your personal life.  Passion makes life worth living.

But do you feel that same level of excitement when it comes to your business life?  Do you feel radiance as you drive to the office every morning?  Do you look forward to that first phone call of the day?  Some of you may, but all of you should.  It can be truly rewarding (monetarily and more) to have passion in your business life.

For example, take our own W. Harold Petersen, chairman and founder of Petersen International Underwriters.  Harold is 87 years old and can be found five days a week writing disability industry news articles and taking phone calls at his desk.  He walks into the office with a beaming smile, lighting up the faces of his employees every morning.  The key to his measurable success has been the passion he has for his business, for ingenuity, for hard work.

Harold is exemplary because he survived the momentary setbacks and business adjustments and the frequent trials and tribulations that come with starting and running your own agency as well as dealing with the bureaucratic and political nonsense of the corporate market.  He has been a real success because ever since he was a young man, he has kept an immense passion for the disability insurance industry.

We hope you hold a similar passion for your career and that it has lead you through a prosperous year.  We also look forward to 2016 as quite a few new and exciting projects will be taking shape in the next 12 months at PIU.

Happy holidays from Petersen International Underwriters, and may you and your family have a wonderful New Year.


Discover a New Benefit for Physicians and Dentists

Business overhead expense (BOE) disability insurance is a cornerstone of a well-managed corporate financial plan.  The coverage financially indemnifies the regular monthly overhead of a company in case of the partial or total disablement of the business owner.  BOE coverage allows a business to stay afloat while the owner is on the mend with the goal of getting him/her back to work.

Most plans provide 12 to 24 months of benefit after a short elimination period which can be the saving grace of business owners whose firms employ fewer than 50 employees.  BOE plans are important insurances for small to medium business owners along most industry lines.  However, there is a concentration of this type of coverage among medical and dental practices in the United States. Read More

Addressing the Chiropractor Market

Regarding the underwriting of disability insurance, certain occupation classes require more finesse than others.  One such classification is that of the chiropractic professional; not as risky as an underground coal miner, but definitely of more concern than a certified public accountant.  But why?  Why are chiropractors such bad DI risks for insurance companies?  And why do you, an insurance professional, have problems finding them proper income protection?

From an underwriter/insurer standpoint, chiropractors are high-risk prospects, and they have been for decades.  Like the crashed physician and surgeon market of the late 80’s and early 90’s, the chiropractic professional sector of the DI business has always held a notoriety of heavy claims vs. premium intake, and insurance companies just don’t like losing money. Read More