Business Travel Hits an All-Time High

The business community is now global, far reaching to every corner of the planet.  It is commonplace for executives and salespersons of companies large and small to travel on a weekly, even daily basis for firms that have international interests and multi-national corporate sites.  Business travel spending for U.S. companies has increased 31% since 2009, but the spending is clearly paying off.  According to the U.S. Travel Association, “for every dollar invested in business travel, businesses benefit from an average of $9.50 in increased revenue and $2.90 in new profits.”  Analysts expect this trend to continue as corporate globalization further evolves.

With employees traveling overseas on a varying basis of frequency, a heavy burden falls on the shoulders of benefits managers and human resource departments as they have become in constant search and struggle to find appropriate, quickly-attained and cost-effective insurances covering the many inherent liabilities that come with a workforce that conducts business on a global scale.

Petersen International offers a multitude of business travel tools that will help any-size corporate client whose employees travel regularly or live outside the U.S. on long-term assignment. 

The USAway International Major Medical plan provides corporate travelers with important benefits that compliment traditional U.S. healthcare including emergency evacuation coverage back to the United States as well as repatriation of remains in case of death overseas.  The USAway plan is available to international travelers on a short or long-term basis.

The High Limit Accident and Business Travel Accident plans provide around-the-clock coverage to business persons no matter if they are traveling to Boston or Baghdad.  Benefits can be tailored to cover death, dismemberment, even disability.  These products also have built-in features that insure against war-zone risks and acts of terrorism.

The Kidnap & Ransom insurance plan offers important benefits in case of an international kidnapping or unlawful detention of an employee.  In addition to personal accident and ransom reimbursement benefits, the product is incredibly resourceful, providing a crisis response team with personnel all over the world who are expert negotiators and conflict managers.

For those employed on long-term overseas assignment, Petersen International offers the Executive 400 plan which provides comprehensive long-term disability benefits as well as the International Term Life plan for U.S. citizens residing anywhere in the world.

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