Disability Insurance Awareness Month

There is simply much more to disability insurance than selling policies and earning commissions.  Americans need to be frightfully aware of the real possibility of disablement during one’s career and the devastating potential loss of earnings.  Any scenario that involves total or partial loss of income should be an immediate wake-up call to anyone lacking a wholehearted belief and trust in disability income insurance.  It is your duty as an advisor and our collective responsibility as an industry to make more Americans aware of the dangers of going through life without sufficient levels of coverage.

The month of May is in full swing, and in consideration of Disability Insurance Awareness Month, Petersen International has developed the following flyers for your information and for your express use.  Please feel free to utilize these documents and/or the info contained herein as you see fit to promote the importance of income protection to your clients, friends, and family and to the prospective general public.