Graded Benefit DI: The Best Solution

Like many Americans and I would guess some of you, I have a tendency to eat more than I should, and I definitely don’t exercise enough.  By Southern California standards, I’m not the poster boy for health and fitness.  But like many of your clients, I work hard and I earn an income that requires appropriate coverage against the financially catastrophic perils of disablement.

Your clients, like me, must have their earnings properly insured so as to provide the consistent funds necessary to care for themselves and loved ones in case of a long term sickness or debilitating accident.  Personal disability insurance is the cornerstone of any balanced, sound financial plan, regardless of age or socioeconomic background.

Unfortunately, personal disability insurance isn’t readily available to everyone that wants or needs it.  Most non-group DI carriers make it almost impossible for those of us with substandard health histories to qualify for any disability coverage.  Secondary markets are usually best in finding individual income protection policies for Americans who have ailments and are, from an underwriting standpoint, medically problematic.  But even in the outlier markets, persons with health issues face built-in and underwriter-added physical and psychiatric medical exclusions that can hinder the effectiveness of a proper DI plan.

Petersen International has been a pioneer of the substandard DI market for over 30 years, and we have now launched the new Graded Benefit Disability Insurance plan.  This program is a unique benefits platform designed specifically for medically-substandard and impaired-risk clientele.

The PIU plan provides graded benefits bereft of harsh medical exclusions up to $20,000 per month with a specialty-specific “own occupation” definition of disability.  The program offers various levels of benefit at the choice of each client, allowing for maximum premium flexibility and policy customization.  What makes the Petersen International plan so fantastic is that the benefit levels are static unlike other graded benefit programs whose monthly payouts depreciate on the front end of the benefit period.

Call (800)345-8816 for a complete outline of coverage of the Graded Benefit Disability Insurance plan, and find out how this progressive program can become the great savior for your impaired-risk cases.

Short Term Medical Insurance Sales Skyrocketing

Open enrollment for state healthcare exchange platforms commenced across the country on November 1st.  For the next three months, the medical insurance market will undergo a frenzy of Americans shopping health plans, switching carriers and even some that will forego coverage altogether at the risk of financial penalty, let alone the obvious hazards of living uninsured.

In fact, millions of Americans still fall through the ACA cracks and are unable to secure affordable healthcare, thus the need for gap coverage…thus the need for short-term medical insurance.  Several carriers entertain the growing short-term medical market with confusing and often limiting product lines, but Petersen International has developed a short-term program that offers the most attractive, easy-to-follow benefits in the nation. Read More

Two Policies, Two Benefits Rolled into One!

We would like to introduce you to the Buy/Sell Plus disability insurance program, an innovation now available in the market only through Petersen International Underwriters.  This standalone product marries key person disability benefits with a traditional disability buy/sell policy.  You now have a source that can provide your corporate clients with the perfect balance of short and long term benefits, properly protecting their businesses.

The Buy/Sell Plus plan provides “own-occupation” permanent total disability benefits that are flexible, designed to fund the specific requirements of the varying terms of executive buy/sell agreements.  Like other disability buy/sell products, after elimination periods of 12, 18 or 24 months, the Buy/Sell Plus pays benefits along a lump-sum or monthly-payout chassis.  What sets the Buy/Sell Plus apart is the key person portion of the program which takes place on the front end of the policy. Read More