Two Policies, Two Benefits Rolled into One!

We would like to introduce you to the Buy/Sell Plus disability insurance program, an innovation now available in the market only through Petersen International Underwriters.  This standalone product marries key person disability benefits with a traditional disability buy/sell policy.  You now have a source that can provide your corporate clients with the perfect balance of short and long term benefits, properly protecting their businesses.

The Buy/Sell Plus plan provides “own-occupation” permanent total disability benefits that are flexible, designed to fund the specific requirements of the varying terms of executive buy/sell agreements.  Like other disability buy/sell products, after elimination periods of 12, 18 or 24 months, the Buy/Sell Plus pays benefits along a lump-sum or monthly-payout chassis.  What sets the Buy/Sell Plus apart is the key person portion of the program which takes place on the front end of the policy.

If one of your business clients were to become victim to a long-term disablement, their company would ultimately find itself under scrutiny, subject to vast economic and structural change without the daily leadership and guidance of the owner and figurehead.  The most effective strategy to hedge early corporate losses while awaiting the eventual buy-out of the company is the employment of key person disability insurance.

Petersen International’s Buy/Sell Plus program provides an important key person disability benefit on the front end of the buy/sell.  The key person portion offers short elimination period options to allow much needed capital to flood a business in transition with monthly benefits that mirror the elimination period of the buy/sell portion.  In reality, the Buy/Sell Plus offers a comprehensive benefits platform with two crucial plans at one low price.

With the Buy/Sell Plus, your clients will be purchasing two disability products requiring only a single underwriting term.  Two policies, two benefits – one application, one exam, one price.  The Buy/Sell Plus will save your clients both time and money while protecting the financial future of the businesses they have grown and hold dear.

Call Petersen International at (800)345-8816 for a complete outline of coverage illustrating the unique benefits of the plan.  If your client is in the market for buy/sell disability coverage, then they really need the Buy/Sell Plus.

An Important Question

Those of us in the life/health insurance business should know that disablement is a frightening reality of life.  Sudden injury and prolonged sickness can happen to anyone at any stage of their career.  Yet most white-collar Americans maintain proper disability insurance on less than half of their monthly income.

If you weren’t physically able to work, could you live on 50% of your income?  A simple, but important question.  The realistic answer is “no” or at the very least, “not very well.”  A person may literally be able to survive on 50% of his/her income, but he/she will certainly struggle to make ends meet.  And in no way can a person maintain a comfortable lifestyle on half of their usual earnings, especially when a family is requiring support. Read More

Feeling Protected in a Foreign Land is Paramount

Americans travel the globe for many reasons. Some travel to Karachi to visit family. Many sail the Nile exploring ancient archeological sites. Some of us fly to Sao Paulo for business meetings. Others trek the Himalayas on eco-adventures or vacation in Kenya on safari. Some of us even work in Baghdad guarding the U.S. Embassy. We participate in these endeavors and freely visit or live in these places because we might feel a sense of adventure or nostalgia or even duty. Or we may visit these places simply because there is a welcomed paycheck involved. But those of us who travel to or work in these exotic locales may not be completely aware of how truly dangerous much of the world is.

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