Welcome to Disability Insurance Awareness Month.  We are one week into the month of May, and already we see signs of why this time of year is so special and important to many in the life and health insurance industry.  Roadshows, mini conferences and agent meetings are abound this month, helping to sing the praises of income protection insurance through workshops, promotions and speaking engagements designed to relate exactly why DI is needed in this country and how to profitably market the products.

Please be sure to use and adapt to your own practice the disability insurance tools and sales ideas provided free of charge by Petersen International Underwriters, the Council for Disability Awareness, the International DI Society and

The following are some of the marketing pieces Petersen International Underwriters had made available for DIAM. Please feel free to download and use any of these marketing pieces to help you spread awareness about disability insurance this May.


Real Life Claim Stories

Surgeon – Personal DI

Executive – Severance DI

Pilot – Loss of License

COO – Personal DI

Surgeon – Personal DI

Attorney – Multi-Life DI

Case Studies – Individuals

Senior Age CEO




Case Studies – Multi-Life DI

Surgeon Group

Marketing Firm

Law Firm


DI Statistics

Top Causes of Disabilities

DI Statistics

Top 25 Occupations