Maryland is Now Open For Business

Petersen International Underwriters is pleased to announce that as of October 1, 2015, high-limit/excess disability insurance can now be filed in the state of Maryland. We are proud to have played a role in the successful passing of Maryland state legislative bill HB565 which is now in effect. The new law allows for the filing of disability insurance through Surplus Lines in the state of Maryland.

Some time ago, we came to recognize that a severe dilemma needed to be immediately addressed. Millions of Maryland residents have been unable to acquire appropriate levels of income protection insurance through traditional DI carriers. Physicians, attorneys, professional athletes, corporate executives – higher-income earners have been in dire need of high-limit, supplemental disability insurance policies to eradicate the financial disasters brought about by underinsurance.

Alongside local political experts, members of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, counselors and legislators, Petersen International provided financial, strategic and coaching leadership to assist in the introduction and ultimate passing of bill HB565.

We are very appreciative of the tireless efforts of Tom Petersen throughout this endeavor, and we are very happy to have provided assistance for the greater good of the insurance industry. Please call Petersen International at (800)345-8816 if you have any Maryland clients or prospects that are unable to acquire sufficient disability insurance through the traditional market.


Athlete Insurance

The U.S. Constitution, great apple pie and the New York City skyline are just a few iconic elements that make the United States an incredible place to live. Another noteworthy facet of American life is this country’s fanaticism with the game of football.

September marks the end of the annual sports drought that some of us feel through the spring and summer months (I apologize, but I find baseball a less-than-spectacular televised spectator sport). Tailgate parties, backyard barbecues and sports bars all find themselves weekly venues of celebration and inebriated merriment this time of year as millions of Americans cheer-on their favorite collegiate and professional football teams. Read More


New Online Enrollment – Short Term Medical

For many months now, the buzz around the healthcare market has been short-term medical insurance.  The public demand for quickly-issued medical coverage has been overwhelming as many Americans suddenly find themselves without proper health insurance.

This country’s recently reformed healthcare system has created insurance shortfalls for U.S. residents that don’t quite fit within the ACA guidelines.  Those awaiting new employee benefits, returning expats, students no longer on family plans and people who have missed healthcare exchange enrollment windows make-up just a few of the many scenarios that unfortunately leave U.S. residents uninsured and unprotected. Read More