Options for Those Afflicted with HIV

A viral scourge that ravaged many communities throughout the world over the past 40 years, HIV/AIDS has historically been a lethal epidemic which arose and spread suddenly.  However, clinical research and medical advances have made great strides to stunt the progressiveness of the disease, and many of those who have contracted HIV are now living longer, healthier lives.

Despite the immense economic and social support the battle with HIV has received for decades, there remains a stigma attached to those who have contracted the disease, especially in the world of insurance.  HIV is no longer a death sentence for many Americans, yet most life and health insurance companies still hold prejudices against clients who test positive.  Prospects with HIV are automatic declines with most life and disability carriers.

However, there are options for those afflicted.  The secondary or outlying markets hold all the solutions for these tough life/health cases.  Those seeking death benefits for family and business protection can look no further than Petersen International Underwriters.

We can cover business risks for buy/sell agreements, business loan indemnification as well as key persons with our Failure to Survive term product series where death benefits are available on HIV cases.  In many instances, underwriters are willing to offer comprehensive coverage without any medical exclusion.

With regards to personal and family financial protection, Petersen offers high-limit accidental death plans that can be accompanied with dismemberment benefits for those with HIV.  Disability insurance is also available on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Petersen International at (800)345-8816 for more information regarding life and disability solutions for substandard risk cases including coverage for clients with HIV.


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On Sunday, much of the country watched as the underdog Denver Broncos triumphed over Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers in the 50th outing of the National Football League’s championship game.  This year’s extravaganza was lackluster at best.  The showings of both quarterbacks were mediocre, but Denver’s defense saved the day for Bronco’s team leader, Hall of Fame bound Peyton Manning.

Peyton tallied an interception, a couple of fumbles and a low overall quarterback rating in the game.  Nevertheless, all eyes were on Peyton, including the moment that Papa John (of pizza fame) hugged and kissed him after the victory.  A 17 year veteran of the sport, Manning had hinted all season that this could be his last, making the Super Bowl win on Sunday a storybook ending to a phenomenal career.  But was that really the end?  What’s Peyton going to do now? Read More