What’s Peyton Going to Do Now?

On Sunday, much of the country watched as the underdog Denver Broncos triumphed over Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers in the 50th outing of the National Football League’s championship game.  This year’s extravaganza was lackluster at best.  The showings of both quarterbacks were mediocre, but Denver’s defense saved the day for Bronco’s team leader, Hall of Fame bound Peyton Manning.

Peyton tallied an interception, a couple of fumbles and a low overall quarterback rating in the game.  Nevertheless, all eyes were on Peyton, including the moment that Papa John (of pizza fame) hugged and kissed him after the victory.  A 17 year veteran of the sport, Manning had hinted all season that this could be his last, making the Super Bowl win on Sunday a storybook ending to a phenomenal career.  But was that really the end?  What’s Peyton going to do now?

There are rumblings and rumors that he is not ready to give up playing football regardless of his age (39) and history of serious injuries.  Football is in his blood and history has shown that many players temp fate and push their physical limitations, remaining on an NFL roster probably longer than they should.

If Peyton Manning does decide to lace-up his cleats for another year, he will be in absolute need of more protection than his offensive line can provide.  He will need high-limit disability insurance to protect the financial future of his family and the broad fiscal foundation he has built over the years.
Professional Athlete disability insurance would indemnify his income against permanent disablement due to an injury or illness on or off the field.  The insurance would also safeguard against the potential loss of his numerous corporate endorsement deals that most of us are all too familiar with.

But what if Peyton chooses to hang it up and retire from the NFL?  What is in store for his future?  I don’t think Mr. Manning has much to worry about.  He is a generally well-liked, well-spoken individual and is comfortable in front of a television camera.  The obvious choice is a career in sports broadcasting.  No matter if he decides to stay on the field a while longer or walk off into the sunset, Peyton Manning needs high-limit disability insurance.  Petersen International is the best source for income protection coverage for professional athletes and for those who make a living in the entertainment business.

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