Taking Sports to the Extreme

Taking Sports to the Extreme

Long past are the days of leisure and sports as American weekend pastimes. The wide world of sports has saturated our lives and has become a daily interest for most fans. On a constant basis, cable and network television stations provide viewing opportunities of dozens of recreational and professional athletics to millions of people across the country. Our smart phones provide instant updates of scores and schedules. “Fantasy leagues” bring the action and excitement to our desktops. From billboards to video games, likenesses of professional athletes are everywhere around the world, on and off the field and court. We are well within the dawn of the age of the professional sportsman and sportswoman. And technology combined with increased athleticism and perhaps slight traces of physical and social evolution have made spectator sports seem faster, more dangerous and simply more extreme.

In addition to the celebrated and usual games of the past, we are now able to fascinate over the X Games, a collaboration of corporate sponsorship bringing to the media forefront international athletes competing in the most contemporary sports of the world; skateboarding, snowmobile racing, ski/snowboard jumping, dirt bike riding and high-flying freestyle exhibitions. We can all recognize that these new sporting competitions are very hazardous to the participants, but they have also become very lucrative. Fortune 500 companies are providing sponsorships, network television stations are airing the competitions and prize money has now become respectable. These extreme activities have moved from adolescent hobbies and experimentation to regulated sports with governing bodies.

Would any parent ever have imagined that buying their young son or daughter a childhood skateboard or a pair of skis would launch that kid into a multi-million dollar sporting career? Many parents have been surprised. These parents, the young athletes and their sports agents are learning that extreme and fringe sports are no different than mainstream athletics; where risk and money come together, there is an absolute need for insurance.

Petersen International Underwriters can provide these professional athletes with Disability Income insurance, Accident Medical insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance to protect their incomes and the livelihoods of their families from financial ruin due to injury or sickness. Furthermore, underwriters can offer benefits to corporate sponsors and sports agents in the form of Key Person coverage and Disgrace insurance.

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