TTD Lump Sum Sales Are Strong

For decades, Petersen International has employed the use of Lloyd’s of London’s lump sum disability benefits in combination with monthly benefits to best simulate the long term benefit periods of “traditional” non-cancellable disability policies written by U.S. carriers.  The Lloyd’s model has always used a limited duration monthly benefit period followed by a lump sum payout.

Petersen International has recently developed a solution to the permanent total disability definition dilemma with the creation of the new Accelerated Benefit to Age 65 excess disability program and sales are booming.

The new to age 65 plan is unlike any supplemental disability policy that came before can consumers are excited.  The new plan provides a temporary total disability definition on both the monthly and lump sum benefits.  By improving the benefit definition to temporary total disability, the policy has allowed the insured to collect the additional lump sum benefit without having to meet the more stringent guidelines associated with “permanent disability” insurance.