Monthly Archives: August 2011

Business Asset Protection Coverage

Reasons to consider the Business Asset Protection Series:Coverage needed immediately (24-48 hour underwriting)Insurable interest needs to remain confidential (without the insured’s knowledge)Completing a medical exam would be an issueProposed insured is temporarily out of the countryProposed insured must travel to war zonesCoverage needed for a short period of time onlyHealth issuesIssue limits Petersen International Underwriters would like to remind everyone of the two newest plans in their Business Asset Protection Series…

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Are People Living Longer?

Hundreds of news articles, statistical reports and plain old observation advises us that people are having to work longer than in prior generations. Is this a fact that people are living longer, therefore the concern for outliving one’s retirement income forces this affect? Or is it a government conspiracy given the miscalculations and actuarial mistakes regarding social security? The government, of course, has pressing reasons to keep people working and contributing via income tax…

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