Monthly Archives: February 2024

Layering Benefits to Effectively Safeguard Income

Common sense and assumption based on experience in the life and health insurance industry have led me to the realization, which I’m certain most of you have witnessed and will wholeheartedly agree upon, that most clients and hopeful prospects—most, not all—are in no way proactive when it comes to their insurance needs.  No matter how […]

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Ideas to Accelerate Your DI Sales

Although income protection has historically been an often overlooked, undervalued component of the life and health insurance industry, the disability insurance marketplace is where we find fresher and greater opportunities than in most other industry sectors.  Recent increases in industry-wide competition, a general stabilizing of the greater marketplace as well as advances in underwriting automation, […]

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Areas in Conflict

It has been almost two years since the Russian army invaded Ukraine, sending those nations into a perpetual state of war.  Ground assaults and shelling of military targets continue to destroy and disrupt Ukraine’s infrastructure.  Offensives by Ukrainian and Russian forces occur from time to time, and unfortunately, the number of casualties on both sides […]

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