Monthly Archives: December 2016

Trouble in Paradise

I recently returned from an incredible trip to the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The tiny speck of land is located 2,500 miles south of the Hawaiian island chain and its superb isolation is much celebrated. The crystal water and fine white sand beaches are the most beautiful I have ever seen as […]

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Specialty Income Protection in the Golden State

Disability insurance is the greatest resource Californians have in protecting personal income against the very real threat of unforeseen and debilitating illness or injury. A 2013 study by Cornel University found that 8.5% of working age, non-institutionalized Californians are disabled. A relatively small and recently shrinking collection of American insurers offers a wide range of […]

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It’s (Almost) Never Too Late for Disability Insurance

As “Generation Y” or “Millennials” as they are now so commonly referred are flooding the American workforce, their more seasoned counterparts, the “Baby Boomers”, are becoming stacked at the opposite end of the career timeline. Boomers came into adulthood during the Vietnam War and saw this country through many political and socioeconomic changes. They worked […]

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