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Group LTD – A Financial Time Bomb

Relying solely upon employee benefits will economically cripple an individual if that person were to suffer a total disability due to illness or injury before retirement. Consider an employee with the following benefits: Group LTD – 60% of income to $5,000 per monthGroup Life/AD&D – benefit of two times incomeGroup Medical Insurance – comprehensive coverageAnnual income of $120,000 At first glance, this appears to be a solid, appropriate employment package, but it is severely flawed…

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Having Trouble Finding Your Business Client a Suitable Life Product?

Petersen International Underwriters may have the solution. Business Loan Failure to Survive insurance was designed to satisfy the contractual requirements set forth by a lender through a loan agreement. The product provides a death benefit in case of loss of life due to an accident or sickness, and the benefits are assignable to a bank or other lending entity…

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