Monthly Archives: May 2022

The Layering of Disability Policies

Without financially protecting one’s paycheck, men and women stand to lose their single most vital source of economic freedom.  Regularly-earned income provides for the necessities for one’s lifestyle and for one’s family – it allows for food, shelter, utilities, transportation, education, healthcare as well as the other numerous bills and costs the average American encounters […]

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High-Limit Disability Insurance

The Third Tier Newly created policy offers up to $25,000 per month of disability benefits payable to age 65. A first of its kind in the High Limit Disability market, this revolutionary plan offers High Limit benefits and is structured as a traditional DI policy. Plans are available for Physicians, Executives, Attorneys, and other white […]

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The All Important “Rainmaker”

In the realm of big business and high finance, the term “rainmaker” holds substantial clout, influence and respect.  Defined as “a person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds”, a rainmaker is a key employee or business owner, usually a go-getter who is mainly responsible for […]

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