Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Lifetime of Advocacy

We are extremely proud to announce that our Chairman of the Board, W. Harold Petersen, was inducted into the Iowa Insurance Hall of Fame on May 19th.  Accompanied by his wife, daughter and two of his sons, Harold was one of five insurance professionals honored at a ceremonial dinner held at the Olmstead Center at […]

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DI For Pilots: In The Air & On The Water

Petersen International has long been in the pilot insurance business.  For years we have provided aviators with personal disability coverage on individual and group platforms.  We have also been working closely with airlines and associations to bring the most comprehensive of income protection products to a broader population of the aviation community. Over time, insurance […]

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Disability Income Protection: The Tiered-Benefit Approach

Disability insurance is the greatest resource available in protecting one’s paycheck against the very real threat of unforeseen and debilitating illnesses and injuries. You are likely to find that most working Americans are insufficiently, if at all, covered by some form of income protection insurance. Many U.S. employers provide a small layer of guaranteed-issue group disability […]

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