Monthly Archives: September 2017

Insuring the Unconventional Celebrity

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “celebrity” as “a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport.” In this age so dominated by the millennial mindset, fame has found its way to persons of many genres that tend to push the boundaries of antiquated interpretations of sport and entertainment commonly found throughout the twentieth century. Our […]

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For Consideration by Insurance Advisors

As an insurance agent or broker, you dedicate considerable time, effort and direct hard-dollar expense to pursue the quest of planning for the financial security of your clients. Fundamental to their financial wellbeing is the creation of an income cash flow, under any contingency, adequate to match the outgoing cash flow also known as expenses. […]

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When Catastrophe Strikes

Unlike earthquakes or tornadoes, hurricanes are relatively predictable and can be anticipated and tracked by meteorologists and atmospheric experts the world over. Those in their path usually have days to prepare and evacuate. Yet, tropical-born windstorms have proven year after year to be some of the most destructive, dangerous and costly forces of nature on […]

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