Monthly Archives: March 2023

“Buy/Sell PLUS” Disability Program

Buy/sell disability insurance is an integral part of any proper business succession plan, providing monthly or lump sum proceeds to a business owner with the explicit intent to purchase corporate shares from a permanently disabled partner; essentially allowing a healthy owner or owners to buy-out a disabled partner’s interest in the company. A problem that […]

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Professional Athletes Have a Lot to Lose

Like the easily recognizable names in Hollywood, professional athletes have become some of the most famous faces in the world and important representatives of the many-multi-billion dollar sports entertainment industry.  Their performances and physical prowess have brought them not only fame, but astronomical incomes.  Pro athlete contracts have reached meteoric heights in recent years, comparable […]

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Pay Attention to Key Person DI

I have a great affinity and enthusiasm for income protection insurances and the often-underestimated value of disability coverage.  Like many other DI advisors in the industry, Petersen International tends to regularly sing the praises of personal DI as well as buy/sell and business overhead expense disability benefits, which in standard form, are readily available to […]

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