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Mission Possible

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Industry professionals have set aside this time of year to pay homage to the grandiose history and promising future of the life insurance community, sharing testimonials and insights into sales techniques, consumer advocacy, new product development and legislative agendas…

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Outbreak 2014: Ebola

A menacing shadow has been cast over West Africa. The governments of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are on a race against time to stop the lethal spread of the Ebola virus which has fostered a flourishing epidemic of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever resulting in the deaths of thousands of people; and there is no end in sight…

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Pilot Loss of License Insurance

For years, Petersen International Underwriters has pioneered the pilot disability insurance market. Our policies have provided “own occupation” total disability insurance to thousands of licensed professional pilots. Own occupation disability policies were appropriate for most pilots, but considering the strict medical qualifications and requirements of the current aviation regulatory bodies throughout the world, the need for true “loss of license” coverage has become evident…

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