Monthly Archives: July 2018

Kidnap & Ransom: Insurance for the Modern Era

So you’ve taken your family on an exotic holiday to somewhere you’ve only dreamed about; a foreign land with beautiful beaches, primitive forests and exciting marketplaces. The culture and customs seem almost alien to you, but your senses are hyper-stimulated and you are constantly filled with wonder and amazement. This is just what you wanted […]

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Underwriting Out-of-this-World Risks

People outside of the insurance industry cannot appreciate the thrill of underwriting insurance – no, I am not being sarcastic. When your company is known for solving hard to place cases you will see some of the most bizarre requests. Each case brings a new learning experience, unique challenges, and obstacles that need to be […]

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Fed Up With Individual DI Underwriting? Skip It!

Learn how to help your clients bypass cumbersome individual disability insurance underwriting processes with this 50 second video. Having a convenient solution for disability insurance is one of the best sales tools an advisor can have. Save your clients hundreds to thousands of dollars in premium payments, place more cases, and save hours of work! […]

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