Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Wall Safe

Some words of wisdom to pass on to your clients: Learning about disability insurance may seem boring to most, and to many uninformed Americans, it may seem like a lousy product to buy.  Literally, it’s just a piece of paper.  It has no moving parts, no wheels, no shiny chrome strips, you can’t ride on […]

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Severance Disability Insurance

The business world is like a complex organism, a living thing that moves and breathes, grows and contracts, flourishes and stalls.  It is ever changing according to a multitude of influences like the stock market, politics and local economies which all can greatly affect businesses no matter their size or their industry.  Because of economic […]

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The Sales Story

The following are words to instill in the American people to help them understand their financial needs so far as solving problems created by the “living of life.”  One of the important things that must be communicated to a prospect is that you, the producer, didn’t come there with problems to give to the prospect.  […]

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