Monthly Archives: October 2014

Helping You Protect Your Mummy

This Friday we celebrate Halloween, that electric, eclectic night of spooks and spirits, chills and thrills.  Across the country, children have been undoubtedly hitting-up parents for sparkly new princess dresses and ninja costumes.  Candy bar boxes, fake blood and cheap zombie decorations are still flying off the market shelves – American consumerism at its finest. […]

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The Delicate Art of the Upsell

Whether you label yourself an insurance agent, financial planner, advisor, broker or executive, you are probably, in one form or another, a salesperson.  You provide services to a paying customer – a client.  You may prefer a different moniker, but in actuality, most of us are in sales.  And we rightfully sell our services to […]

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Business Insurance for Mature Business Owners

The trend of pushing the age of retirement back a few years is on the rise.  Americans are living, and therefore needing to work, longer.  Wealth accumulation periods have increased due to the need for longer-term financial sustainability, as we are regularly seeing entrepreneurs undertaking new business ventures well into their sixties. The vast Baby […]

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