Monthly Archives: August 2020

Take the Case of…Ms. S.

Ms. S. is a 47-year-old attorney and partner of a California-based law firm.  After years of hard work and successful practice, she was enjoying a very comfortable lifestyle with her wife in their lovely San Francisco Bay-area home.  She was earning an annual income of $375,000, and was the primary breadwinner of the household. Her […]

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A Pilot’s Life

Life insurance is obviously an important commodity to most Americans, but no more so than to pilots.  Insurance, in general, is naturally critical to persons who fly airplanes and helicopters for either work or recreation.  Although advances in aircraft technology, flight practices and pilot training have made traveling by air often safer than riding in […]

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Selling More During a Hard Market AND a Pandemic!

The end of 2019 began a swing in the insurance industry toward a hard market.  Markets historically swing between soft (lower rates, more liberal underwriting) and hard (higher rates, more conservative underwriting) about every five years.  However, we have had about a 15-year soft market cycle which has seemingly ended with a huge shift rather […]

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