Monthly Archives: August 2018

DI Basics: The Tiered-Benefit Structure

Disability insurance is an often overlooked, undervalued and misrepresented financial safeguard. Yet, it the greatest resource an income-earner has in protecting one’s economic freedom against the very real threat of not being physically able to make a living due to a short or long-term debilitating illness or injury. Disability insurance is essential to every working […]

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Rainmaker Preservation

In the realm of big business and high finance, the term “rainmaker” holds substantial clout, influence and respect. Defined as “a person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds”, a rainmaker is a key employee or business owner, usually a go-getter who is mainly responsible for […]

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Income Protection: Important for Professionals, Critical for Pilots

I often speak about the importance of income protection, or disability insurance (whichever title resonates more with you), as the hidden gem beneath all successful financial plans. Income protection is the platform on which your financial pyramid sits; it’s the fundamental layer that holds everything intact. If you think about everything you pay for in […]

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