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Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: Disability Insurance For Military Doctors

Did you know that most of the U.S. military doctors and dentists are paid bonuses above their “rank pay” as a way to keep professional people in the armed services for a longer period of time? The cost of training and the medical school education which the military paid for needs to be recaptured with service given back… Learn More

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Christmas Has Been Cancelled!

Don’t Worry PIU Can Insure That!Event Cancellation Insurance has saved more than this one holiday. Perhaps you need to tell your clients about Event Cancellation Insurance.What Exactly Is Event Cancellation CoverageJust as a fine Bouillabaisse has an assortment of ingredients in its mixture, Event Cancellation Insurance involves an assortment of risks which may be chosen to be included within the mixture of benefits…

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Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: Senior Market Disability

Take the case of… Mr. A, age 62, who found himself with a new young family.At the age of 62 it was difficult to secure an adequate level of Disability Insurance. As the sole bread winner for his family, every dime of his $170,000 income is needed to support the mortgage, food, clothing, and private education for his two young children…

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