Monthly Archives: November 2017

Having “Some” DI Is Not Having “Enough” DI

When considering personal insurance lines, “more” is almost always better.  More coverage means more financial protection against the bodily threats and risks that inevitably come with life.  When you prescribe your clients medical insurance, you dutifully advise them to have a comprehensive policy that fits into their budget, but covers them as completely as possible.  […]

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Much to Be Thankful For

2017 has been a rollercoaster, a rough year for much of this country.  Thousands have been affected by great tragedies over the past 11 months as many Americans have lost their homes and businesses during the devastating hurricane season that ravaged the South, Southwest and Caribbean. Lives have also been tragically impacted by the recent […]

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Ideas to Help You Sell More

When I started in the DI business 16 years ago, my mentors were relentless in their teaching that although quite rewarding and very lucrative, disability insurance simply doesn’t sell itself.  Unlike other insurance lines, selling DI requires unrivaled finesse, but most importantly persistence in an attempt to convince a prospective client that their body specifically […]

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