Monthly Archives: August 2019

Private Equity – New Marketing Materials

Petersen International appreciates the importance and the fortuitous opportunities available in the burgeoning private equity space. The market is rife with rewards for adept advisors. We are pleased to provide the following new materials for your use as you see fit within your business. Please contact Petersen International Underwriters at (800)345-8816 for specific product information.

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The Simplified Underwriting DI Plan – Case Study

The Petersen International Simplified Underwriting DI plan is on a roll and needs to be a staple of your product portfolio.  The “own-occupation” defined policy streamlines the underwriting and acquisition of excess disability coverage, saving clients valuable time and money. After a prospect has been approved for and issued a fully-underwritten disability policy from a […]

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Disability Insurance for Mature Business Owners

The trend of pushing the age of retirement back a few years is on the rise.  Americans are living longer, and therefore needing to work longer.  Wealth accumulation periods have increased due to the need for longer-term financial sustainability, as we are regularly seeing entrepreneurs undertaking new business ventures well into their sixties.  The vast […]

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