Monthly Archives: February 2017

The American Diaspora

We are living in a technologically-progressive business world with an ever-expanding global economy where corporate identities exceed borders and nationalities. Although originally domiciled in or at the very least incorporated within the United States, many American companies are moving entire divisions or launching branches overseas. There are also those that are relocating completely outside of […]

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The Risks of Putting to Sea

Impoverished areas dotting the coasts of Nigeria, Somalia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have been virtual breeding grounds for partially-organized collections of criminals seeking to steal, hijack, kidnap and murder their way to fortune (“fortune” is probably too strong an assessment as most persons in question eke out a minimal existence for themselves and their […]

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Become a Disability Insurance Superstar

The ability to bring your client something that others can’t will set you apart and ultimately make you a star. Right now, one of the hottest platforms of the disability insurance industry is guaranteed-issue (GSI) coverage. GSI products are becoming more mainstream outside of the traditional group insurance and employee benefits marketplaces. They are easily […]

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