Monthly Archives: January 2011

Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: Temporary Government Attorney

Mrs. K, a talented litigation attorney working for a large New York law firm, is offered a two year assignment with the administration of the President of the United States’. This assignment offers an income of $250,000 annually and will be an exemplary credential for her, probably boosting her career to the next level…

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Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: Replacement of Inadequate Coverage

In the arena of inadequate disability coverage, we often use words such as “replacement, rescue, and supplement”. Replacement coverage must be prescribed carefully, for it is not intended to replace coverage provided by other insurers except for a bona fide use that represents a sound improvement to an insured’s present coverage… Learn More

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The Real Cost Of A Disability

The cost of a long term disability is not easily measured. How do you measure the loss of educational opportunities, the cost of shattered lives, altered personalities? How do you measure the cost to society when boys and girls who are potential doctors, lawyers, architects, teachers or scientists are denied the opportunity for training because their fathers became disabled and were unable to finance the necessary education? How do you measure the cost of heartbreak when the family’s treasured possessions must be sold? How do you measure the cost when a dynamic individual has lost all initiative and hope?The cost of disability can be so high that it can’t be measured, or it can be minimal…

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