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Loss of License Insurance: DI for Professional Pilots

As important as life insurance is to professional aviators, disability income protection is absolutely imperative.  Whether a pilot flies for a commercial outfit, is self-employed as a crop duster or does heavy-lift work in a helicopter, the reality of disablement exists among every class of aviator.  Due to accident or illness, there is always an […]

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Sales Ideas to Propel Your DI Practice to the Top

I doubt that many of you reading this got your start in the world of financial services through disability insurance (DI). Income protection, as some of us appreciatively call it, is an often overlooked, undervalued sector of the greater life and health insurance industry. Most agents and advisors have been naturally polarized by our industry, […]

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Take Advantage of the Hottest Commodity in High-Limit Disability

If you are an insurance agent and you have clients who are physicians or surgeons of any kind Petersen International will help you turn your regular individual DI case opportunities into easily-managed, high-limit excess group disability policies. Those dependable doctor clients of yours have partners and associates who make up physician groups and surgery centers […]

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