Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Next Generation of Pilot Disability Insurance

As significant as life insurance, disability coverage is imperative to professional aviators.  Whether a pilot flies for a commercial outfit or as crop duster, the reality of disablement exists among every class of aviator, posing an imminent threat of short or long-term loss of income and financial devastation to one’s family.  Built upon the chassis […]

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A Deadly Year for Journalists

Last year proved to be a dangerous year for those working in the field of journalism around the world and in the U.S. Although members of the international press attempt to present themselves as unbiased, neutral and without political agenda, inevitably they become recognized by terrorists and other makers of malice as enemy informants and […]

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Another Call to Action

Several months ago, Petersen International issued a plea…a serious, urgent call to action for insurance agents and advisors with doctor clients to contact us immediately for assistance in making the most of the incredibly hot multi-life, guaranteed-issue excess disability (GSI) marketplace. The results from that communication have been remarkable.  Many of your colleagues have seen […]

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